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Some of our favourite things

We sent a request around our group of life coaches to write down some of their favourite things as we wanted to share positive thoughts and experiences. You might like some of the same things or they may make you think about your favourite things or you may wish to try to some of ours to discover new experiences.  These are only in the order they came out of the hat as we are not ranking people’s favourite things. 

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  1. Learning new things

  2. Travelling to new countries

  3. Making new friends

  4. Chatting with my old friends

  5. Taking photos 

  6. Playing with children: own children, nieces, nephews, godchildren and friend’s children

  7. Hearing a child’s laughter

  8. Laughing fully and openly

  9. Writing personal letters to friends and family

  10. Playing musical instruments

  11. Listening to music

  12. Meditating

  13. Relaxing in a bath

  14. Reading a great book we can’t put down

  15. Complimenting others

  16. Falling in love

  17. Cuddling with family, friends, children

  18. Watching a great film or TV series

  19. Watching a sunset

  20. Watching a sunrise

  21. Having a coffee with friends

  22. Sharing travel experiences

  23. Listening to podcasts

  24.  Walking through the autumn leaves 

  25. Noticing the change in seasons

These are only some of ours. What are your favourite things? Let us know:

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