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The things you can see only when you slow down: Haemin Sunim

With the subtitle of ‘How to be Calm in a Busy World’, this book offers great advice and insights into our lives and how to improve. Written by Haemin Sunim, a Buddhist monk born in Korea, there are many sayings that I have come across before as a practising Buddhist. However, I could not put it down when I first opened it and reached page 80 or so before finally accepting that I would have to buy it.  

With chapters on rest, mindfulness, passion, relationships, love, life, the future and spirituality, there is lots of areas to contemplate and make improvements in. The sayings are short and quick with beautiful uplifting illustrations. It won’t take long to read the book at all if like me you wanted to read in all one go, however you could also pick and choose your topic and work on that and then come back to another. 


You’ll feel calm whilst reading but also inspired to make changes in your attitudes, behaviour and life from page 1 and although it is all common sense lots of us forget it or don’t implement it.  The solutions are most definitely on the page for the taking and I will gladly admit that after reading it, I certainly checked my responses and interactions and implemented some of this advice. 

I see a lot of it like tools in a tool box, we don’t need all the tools everyday and there isn’t a tool to fix all issues. However it’s great to be able to find and pick one of those tools out of the box when needed because we know where the toolbox is.


Although, I mentioned being a Buddhist myself, the book is not religious based and you certainly don’t need to convert to Buddhism to enjoy the book or to implement the techniques into your life.

I’m so glad I found this book that I went out as soon as I finished this and bought the next book! 

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