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Today I went for a walk

Today I went for a walk, not a long walk but a walk none the less. I woke up unsure what I wanted to do during the day as for once nothing was planned. This lack of planning was deliberate as I have been so busy over the last few months that I wanted some free days to simply be. 

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What a wonderful feeling to be able to wake up in the morning, have a long relaxed breakfast and then decide to get dressed to go for a walk. I had no destination in mind, I simply knew I wanted to leave the house and go outside in the rain and walk through it.

I love walking without needing to rush anywhere, to walk slowly and be mindful of my surroundings, the people passing me either walking alone or walking with their dogs and being able to take in all the noises and smells around me. My mind naturally wanders throughout the day and there are always many things to consider but when I walk intentionally, my mind clears and ideas or solutions come easily to me. There is always a coffee or lunch stop along my walks whether they are planned or not so I'm able to write down any ideas which come to mind otherwise I know that I will lose them.     

Today I went for a walk and I loved it. I can't wait for the next one. 

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