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Walking the Danube again in Budapest

Budapest is just over 2 hours by train away from Bratislava and is less than €15 so worth a visit for a day if you happen to be in Bratislava or vice versa if you want to nip up to Bratislava. The Danube which I enjoyed walking along in Bratislava also runs through Hungary and provides an opportunity for a relaxing stroll or a cruise during the day or evening. It splits Buda and Pest and is present in all the panoramic views you can get.  

Currency: The currency mainly in use is the Hungarian Forint and although some places will accept the Euro, you will be charged more and also receive change in Hungarian Forint. There are many places around where you can change your currency as well as bank machines for you to withdraw money. 

The Shoes on the Danube: These are a memorial to honour the Jews who were killed by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen in Budapest during the World War II and is one of the most poignant memorials I have seen. I did unfortunately see some tourists grabbing a selfie with the shoes and they were smiling in those photos! Please remember that some tourist attractions are not their just for our enjoyment and smiling selfies just aren’t appropriate. 

Fisherman’s Bastion: This is a terrace in Neo-Gothic and Neo-Romanesque style on the Buda side of the Danube, on the Castle hill. It was built for the fisherman who lived in the area below in the Middle Ages. 

It is worth walking up to as you can get panoramic views over Buda and Pest as well as the Danube from the terrace. 


Whilst you are up there, you may also wish to explore Matthias Church.

The Castle: Buda castle is the historical castle and palace of the Hungarian kings in Budapest. It is imposing from wherever you stand along the Danube and if you go up to it, you can get amazing panoramic views of the sights below. Remember it is closed on Mondays so you will only be able to gain access to the gardens and the perimeter. 

Danube cruise: The views of and from the river are spectacular and it is certainly worth ding a day or night cruise along the river. I did one in the evening whilst all the buildings were lit up. It lasts an hour and as long as you’re wrapped up, you will certainly enjoy it.

Hungarian Parliament Building: I was completely taken by this building and took lots of photos of it in the day and at night from various angles. It is currently the largest building in Hungary and will also remain so in Budapest as there is an understanding that there won’t be any buildings taller than the parliament building. The Basilica is the same height but nowhere is taller. 

Other places of interest: St Stephen’s Basilica, the synagogue, view from the citadel and the Michael Jackson tree which gets decorated around important dates connected with he singer.

Solo traveller tip: I stayed along Vaci street which was close to all the areas I wanted to go to and was perfect for doing the cruise in the evening. It felt a safe area and I felt happy being out in the evenings. As I had read about tourists being targeted for pickpocketing, I made sure I didn’t carry a bag and my money etc was in an inner coat pocket. As a solo female traveller, I also made sure I didn’t draw attention to myself so I neither dressed as a tourist or behaved like one and tried to blend in with locals.   

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