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What makes you happy?

Being happy is a wonderful feeling as well as making others happy. It’s important to know what makes us happy and why so that we enjoy our lives after all that’s what it life is all about. It’s also OK to not always be happy and to acknowledge that and seek help if needed. We had a recent query from a reader about something similar I don’t laugh anymoreI don’t laugh anymore: Advice

Here are a few things which make our team happy:

A walk in nature: this can be a great way to let go of any stress at the same time as bring a smile to your face. Being present and noticing your surrounding is a good way to brighten your day.


Playing with your children: As children are brilliant at relaxing and being in the moment, playing with them allows you to also have fun. There is also nothing better than hearing a child laugh and you will never regret taking the time to simply play.


Travel: who doesn’t enjoy a holiday? Getting away from your usual life can help you relax and feel happy at the new things you learn and see. Often it allows us to compare our lives with others and we realise how well off we are or it helps us reassess our lives and review how we want to spend our days and we return rejuvenated.


Reading a good book: Losing ourselves in a good book is like magic and just getting the time to ourselves can make us happy. Make more time for reading if this is something which makes you happy. Exchange good books with friends and discuss what you thought about it afterwards. 


Watching a film: whether you watch it at home or at the cinema, on your own or with others, getting caught up in a good plot can make you forget everything else going on.


Whatever makes you happy, try to incorporate it more into your life and tell your family and friends about it as this will mean they can arrange these things for you to do more with them or alone whichever you prefer. 

Tell us in the comments what makes you happy.

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