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What travel has given me

This morning I went for a walk in my local park, a park where I have been walking for over 30 years when I have been home. This past year, I have been walking there as often as I could & it has been my saving grace during a year of no travel.

This morning whilst out walking, creativity and inspiration came to me and I started thinking about what travel has given me. In short, lots! All of my travel experience has given me lots and I still believe it has given me much more than it has ever taken away.

Sense of adventure: I will try new things, new places & meet new people without any concern. I search out different ways of travelling, different ways of doing things & will try to find the fun in it all.

Open-minded & open-hearted: Throughout all the countries I have travelled & lived in, there have been many people I have met and am proud to call my family & friends. There have been ways of living that I’ve experienced & more often that not I have found compassion in the way people live & interact with others.

Ability to let go and move on: As a Buddhist, I always thought this came from the teachings on Impermanence. However, this year I’ve realised there are many skills I’ve learnt from travel and this is a big one. Being able to move in from the point of comfort into challenge, move on from loved ones when the time comes, move on from the person I was in that country and at that time with those people.

Acceptance: Of all situations & people. I’ve learnt and understood the value of walking in the mud when you need to. Often it leads to the best parts to see. Standing strong in the mud and taking time to look ahead can help us find the right path to follow.

True joy exists in every experience: There is always something good and wondrous to find in every experience. Sometimes, it’s not always easy to see but it is always there.

Less is more: Rather than filling every minute with something to see or do, it’s also beneficial to take time to appreciate the moment.

Memories: This year especially with no travel, my travel memories have really helped me through some of the hardest times.

Freedom: This may be an obvious one but in many ways travel has given me freedom. The freedom of thought, choice, restrictions, obligations and more.

These are just a few of the many things travel has given me and I can’t wait to get back to it as soon as possible.

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