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You, yourself and you

May Vane

Have you ever travelled on your own? Do you find the title of this post exciting? or perhaps you could never imagine taking a break on your own, in your own company and without anyone else to distract you? Whatever your reaction to the title, read on to hear reasons why we promote solo travelling and believe that all you need for a good holiday/ break is you, yourself and you.

Discovery: When you travel on your own, you will discover who you are, what you like and dislike and how you wish to be in the world. This will happen whether you are travelling around, on a holiday or simply spending a couple of hours in a new city/ place.  

Resilience: As well as finding new ways of dealing with situations, you will also recognise the resilience you have already. Some people don’t realise how resilient they are until they have to deal with a negative situation. These methods will remain with you for years after your travels and you’ll find that lots of things no longer bother you as you realise they aren’t important.

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You will like yourself more: Whether you start your journey liking yourself or not, you will soon realise that you’re alright really. The longer you spend just with yourself the easier it will be to change what you don’t like about yourself. In interacting with other people through your travels, you’ll notice how great you actually are, how kind and how creative you are. If there is something you don’t like then take the time to change it or adapt your behaviour . 

CreativeAs you’re on your own, you’ll find ways to occupy yourself. Depending on where you travel and stay, you may find that you have to live without all the other distractions you have previously used to occupy your mind and time. When you go quiet, you’ll listen to your inner voice more and will find yourself being more creative whether through writing, singing or drawing. 

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Listen to yourself: How often do you get to listen to yourself? Spending time on your own will encourage this and you will hear how you talk to yourself. With no-one else around to talk to/ with you, you will hear your own inner voice. You’ll hear if you’re encouraging, pleasant or critical towards yourself. Spend time noticing and then if you wish to change your inner voice go ahead and do it. You’ll have time to go within yourself and reflect on how you want treat yourself. 

Enjoy yourself:This is the time to spoil yourself. Go and do all the things you want to do without having to consider someone else’s likes or dislikes. So make the most of it! Stay in bed longer if you want, take up the whole bed, stay up all night reading, order whatever food and drink you want to try just enjoy every moment of your time. 

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