What People are Saying about my Services and Courses

I've been delivering Reiki, Coaching clients in their personal and professional lives and teaching Meditation since 2004. Recently, I've added in Mindfulness and especially Mindful walks which have been accessed by many. Silent retreats are offered every 4 weeks both day and morning options which support Samaritans through donations. Here is some of the feedback I have received.


Ann N (MBSR 2020-21)

During the course, I understood how to be present in the moment, to learn to accept that some things we can’t change, to think before I respond/react to a situation, understanding why people do things and accept them. I learnt how to do different Meditations and realise that I am who I am, to allow myself time for myself instead of just meeting other people’s needs and that this will then reduce my stress level.

I enjoyed learning things especially about myself that sabotage my situation at times and learned behaviour patterns that have existed in me for a long time that I can change.

I think everyone can benefit from learning about themselves, how we aren’t aware, how we can change our mindset, how looking into our self and being in tune with who we are can be so beneficial. Not just a learning exercise but an inner peace exercise. I remember in one session Alison described a situation and I became very aware that she could have been describing me.

I wouldn’t hesitate to do another course/ workshop with Alison if it was something I was interested in.

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