What People are Saying about my Services and Courses

I've been delivering Reiki, Coaching clients in their personal and professional lives and teaching Meditation since 2004. Recently, I've added in Mindfulness and especially Mindful walks which have been accessed by many. Here is some of the feedback I have received.


Haringey Women's Football Team: Karla Parker (Women's Team Joint Manager and Secretary)

During lockdown, I offered free 20 minute Mindful sessions through Women In Football as well as across social media.

Karla prioritised the mental wellbeing of her team through making sure they all stayed in touch through Zoom sessions as well as also accessing my mindfulness sessions. Here’s what she has to say: 

"Lockdown presented a distinct challenge for so many people. Not being able to leave your home, continue with the routines that we are used to, financial struggles and having more time than ever to reflect on ourselves and our wellbeing. 

As a member of the Women in Football network, I was delighted to see the offer of a free mindfulness session from Alison and made contact. It had become apparent that as the seriousness of the CV19 took hold globally, the media filled our homes with fear and anxiety. We certainly were not immune to this, coupled with some players living on their own or away from friends and family. Despite not being able to continue playing our beloved sport, the Haringey Borough team continued to meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (our training nights) via Zoom to connect, play quizzes and have some fun :) The mindfulness session would work perfectly and gave us a safe space to share how we were feeling and to learn some tools to manage how we were coping. 

Alison was an inspiration! We were able to express ourselves, understand the importance of breathing techniques and made us feel totally at ease. Despite being through Zoom, Alison brought much needed calm and focus on what we were individually going through and feedback from players was very complimentary. In fact they requested more group sessions as well as some individual sessions as needed.

The global pandemic has amplified even further the importance of mental wellbeing; when you play a sport such as ours it can often be your outlet. Having that taken away abruptly with no recourse can be quite devastating. As the Haringey family, it is set firmly in our values that we look after the whole person - not just the physical. 

Karla Parker

Women's Team Joint Manager

Women's Team Secretary"

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