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Nourishing yourself allows you to walk through your world more resourced

Being self-compassionate can take on many forms and looking very different for us all depending on our wants and needs. 

Self-compassion encourages us to look after ourselves more and in ways which make a difference to our relationship with self and with others. Allowing forgiveness for ourselves and others can lead to better health and taking time out for our wants and needs also benefits our interactions and relationships with others.  

Other benefits may include: improved sleep, reduced depression and anxiety, improved mood and clearer head and heart space. 

Some self-compassion techniques include: 

1.  Comforting your body.

2.  Eating something healthy. 

3.  Writing a letter (journaling) to yourself to express understanding and nourishment or to wrote out a situation in a supportive way. 

4.  Celebrating yourself

5. Setting goals/ intentions for your future

'With Mindfulness we remember who and what we truly are and with Compassion we heal ourselves from the trauma of forgetting' Tara Brach

Love Yourself
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